Raw Till 4 – First Week

Hey you guys!

It’s Maria back here and I am so so so sorry I haven’t been able to do much posting lately. To be honest, I think you all know that my phone isn’t my whole life and I’ve actually been getting up to so much, from catching up with my friends to going Raw Till 4.

I’ve just started doing Kristina’s (@fullyrawkristina on Youtube and Instagram) Love Your Body challenge and am eating at least one fully raw meal a day. It feels absolutely amazing and no, I have not gained weight!

I eat about 10 bananas or 30 dates a day (or both together!) and loads of fruit and vegetables. For dinner I have Lebanese food from Comptoir Libanais, salads or cooked veggies and grains. It has been an awesome week, I eat as much as I want and feel my best as well.

So yeah, comment what you want me to post, otherwise I will be posting loads of vegan and raw recipes. Eeek!

Love x


Fitness and Why YouTube Isn’t All Real

Hey guys,

imagesYou may have seen sooo many ‘What I Eat in a Day’ blog posts and YouTube videos. At the start of veganism (umm, that was three weeks ago, just saying), I was really worried by this because I’m one of those people who snacks. Bagels, chocolate, fruit, rice, pasta, sushi. Anything. And those videos only showed the mealtimes, where the protagonist ate healthy, filling meals.

On Youtube, meal plans go like this:

  • Breakfast: smoothie with a lot of bananas
  • Lunch: salad and some avocado/ another smoothie
  • Dinner: rice, pasta, salad

But don’t worry starting vegans! What the meal plan actually is, is basically 10 times more than that. And yes, people do get skinny and benefit a lot from being vegan even if they snack more than Karlie Kloss! What I eat is basically something like:

  • Breakfast: oats with lots of almond milk and a cup of hot chocolate
  • Lunch: vegetables/rice/pasta/potato and a fruit + drink
  • Snack 1: fruit
  • Snack 2: toast with peanut butter/chocolate spread
  • Snack 3: huge fruit or some ‘vegan junk’
  • Dinner: rice or pasta with sauce and tofu
  • Snack 4: cup of almond milk and cookie

This is what I may eat in a day and it actually seems like a lot! It is, compared to the utopian healthy vlogger diet. Believe me, Essena and Maxi and Bonny snack and eat vegan junk. We are not perfect people, guys!


Second part of the long blog post (stop getting them bored, Maria!). So what’s the skinny healthy fit secret of those vegan celebrities? They exercise. For example, Maxi used to do about 2 hours a day of sport, concentrating mainly on cardio and workin out. Essena does something every day, whether it’s relaxing yoga sun salutations or a long hike. And Bonny and her boyfriend (they’re so cute aren’t they? Oh my God, cutest couple!) sweat while spinning those wheels on the bikes along the coast!

I’ve tried doing sport for at least an hour each day (because according to NHS, I’m supposed to have been doing that since I was about five). The effects of working out in the gym really show: minus one kilogram and that’s with all the muscle gained!

For best workouts, I recommend:

  • 30 Day Challenges (e.g. 30 Day Ab Challenge, 30 Day LBD Challenge, etc): I’ve tried most of them and they are extremely effective and not hard at all. And you will get what you need after 30 days. Plus the apps are free on App Store.
  • Running: I recommend you start out slowly, for example 2 or 3 km and then go onto 5, 8, 10 km. It’s fun and gets your heart rate up and gives you time to think about the deep things (e.g. the party you have nothing to wear for).
  • Crossfit workouts: I have my own workout plan that I change a little from time to time (blog alert! – coming soon on wearingkilts), but the good ones are Tracy Anderson’s metamorphosis workout and the workout on maxigoesvegan.blogspot.com.au.
  • Indoor activities that are based on outdoor activities: By that I mean ergometers, spinning, etc. They normally calculate how many calories you burn and give you all the details without having to use any special equipment. Plus, they get your bpm rate up!
  • Cross-country skiing: Wow, I did not expect that, you’ll say. However, I did cross-country skiing every day for a week in winter and lost 3 kilograms (I wasn’t vegan then, so veganism will even have an even better impact on the way you look!)

All those things are tested because I would never tell people about something I am 50/50 chance risking on. Plus, I think ‘being active’, a.k.a. doing sport, for an hour each day and eating vegan will get you the best results.

Detox Water Friday !

Hey guys!

I decided to make some fruit water for the morning yesterday because I couldn’t fall asleep and knew that I would have loads of trouble waking up. I made myself two 800ml VOSS bottles of strawberry and lemon water (there was actually only about 450ml water in the end) to wake up and put it in the fridge overnight.

Before sailing training I made myself a 1l jar of water with cranberries, mango and lemon, which was amazing as well. The photos are attached below (all mine, best to add your own pictures once in a while, hehe).

I’ll definitely be making more detox water soon, though I am not planning on going on any detoxes. Just to prove that I’m not on a diet, I’m going to say that I’m making a veggie tofu stir-fry with a huge side salad for dinner at the moment!

Bye lovelies, better not burn those vegetables burn!

Love, Maria x


Social Media

Hey guys!

Sorry for not posting lately because I have like no things to post, I would like to post! If you have any ideas please please email me (in About Me section) with things you would like me to write about haha ..

I’m planning on making some social media websites, e.g. Instagram or Twitter. What do you think, guys?

Love you all,

Maria x

What I Eat in a Day

Hey guys,

Third post today, whoa! It’s surprising how many people are interested in what I eat in a day haha x So here you go! I started my day with a stack of gluten-free vegan pancakes on hazelnut milk and topped them with honey. I then went and did (or procrastinated and didn’t do any..) Chemistry revision. My lunch was 2l of pineapple slushie (recipe in the previous post) after a 10 minute run. I then did some more actual revision and fitted in 2 posts on my blog and watched some TV plus talked to my friends on group chat. Then I snacked on some mushroom polenta (a cup of polenta in mushroom broth) and then ate 2 bowls of chocolate granola with oat milk. Finally, for dinner I had one liter of frozen raspberry smoothie. All pictures below are finally mine!image2IMG_1157

Pineapple Slushie

Hey you guys!

Second post today (yeah I know, I know..), but I’ve just tried out this recipe and it was amazing! It’s a pineapple slushie, which seems boring, but trust me, it’s like an ice cream (except no dairy, no yucky things, and only 28 calories).

First, you prepare a pineapple. Yes, a whole pineapple. Doesn’t matter how you slice it, but the best way is to make it into cubes/dices (doesn’t matter how you slice it, better dice it – I’m such a rapper, lol). So anyway, then you load your blender with the pineapple cubes, add a glass of water and loads and loads of ice. Blend it all and pour into a 2l jug. Drink straight away because then the juice sinks down and the ice floats.

Amazing idea for brekkie, lunch or dinner. Do not take it on a plane, though, just warning that you will be stopped at security to check that your pineapple deliciousness isn’t poison 🙂 Otherwise, eat, drink, enjoy, repeat!


Deal With Negativity

Hey guys,

At the moment I think it’s very important for everyone to realize that bad emotions affect everyone. Yes, the popular girl with the hot boyfriend and a private jet can also feel stressed, angry, sad, confused. You don’t escape it, but you can fight it.

Hate is something people both can feel and be affected by. How do you escape this emotion? First of all try not to say, “Ugh, I hate that girl, she’s such a b****”, just because she got a higher grade than you or gets invited to more parties than you. In this way, the world will not repay you by sending you hate from others.

Also, people can ‘give you hate’. This is not hard to deal with, believe me. 90% of what they say about you is to make themselves feel better and you should not listen to pointless rumors and gossip (hey, high school). However, the 10% that your trustworthy best friends and family say about you is not aimed to hurt you in any way, so listen to that because it’s fair and is criticism, not gossip.

Everybody seems to be going through exams at the moment, so stress is inevitable as well. How to reduce it? Do not procrastinate, darlings (haha, says me when I’m supposed to be doing Chemistry revision at the moment…), and drink loads of lemon water! Listen to calm music: classical composers like Chopin, Liszt, Bach, Beethoven, and movie background tunes, preferably not from action movies!

Lastly, I would just touch on jealousy. Stop right now. Yeah, all right, that girl has all the friends around her, gets amazing grades, wears designer clothes, goes to Bali and Australia on holiday, etc, etc. That is not all true, believe me. 1) She probably makes up half the stuff 2) She has her bad moments when she feels like nobody can help her and feels lonely and scared. Please don’t hate on these people, but try and understand that they are real humans like you guys. If you don’t deserve negativity, neither do they.

Have a glam Sunday,

Maria xx imagesimages-1